TWO LANES Continue Streak Of Strong Tunes With “Common Ground”

Posted by on April 22, 2019

TWO LANES, a young duo who are catching fire throughout Los Angeles, are back again with the uplifting single “Common Ground” a beautiful follow up to the sentimental and highly memorable “Back Down.” TWO LANES know exactly who they are and how to put it out there. Consistency, quality, and the similarities between the releases being a few highlights of the group. The duo garnered multiple millions of streams last year and 2019 is looking just as strong

Since 2018, this somewhat mysterious duo entered the dance field, soon to catch the attention of dozens of outlets, artists, and promoters, fast forward only a few short months later and TWO LANES makes their mark with 3 HypeM #1s, and a stand out sound. Click through the link above to learn more.

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