Doe Hadfield Shares What Her New “Fix” Is In New Single

Posted by on April 10, 2019

Doe Hadfield’s “Fix” translates a world to the listener resembling an euphoric, consuming experience through tingly, well-processed vocals and a message that relates. “Fix’s” graceful and fluid nature allows the bare-bones message to sink in easily, r&b and pop sensibilities encountering an electronic backdrop leaning more on the softer side. The lyrics tell a story of desire that’ direct to say the least.

Naturally, “Fix” embodies many of the qualities Doe has build her success on thus far. Doe has charted at #34 on Billboard through writing she has contributed to and, seperately, was labeled “One To Watch” by the UK Grammy Awards. Her many works have been heard across the UK and beyond, her discography seemingly getting re-circulated as her works stand well against the test of time.

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