George Gretton Makes Debut With Experimental Original “Tread Water”

Posted by on March 16, 2019

George Gretton “Tread Water” is a single that keeps you guessing. Using vocals and an electronic production template to build on top of, George Gretton is able to maintain a flow to the music he’s presenting, but uses tempo fluidly at some parts making the single particularly trippy. The single is well structured – when the chorus returns before the ending, it’s hard not to feel a figurative “full circle” sense of contentment brought forth from the song.

It’s often said the UK is ahead of the curve in regard to musical prowess. George Gretton may be the living embody of this as his style is certainly abstract but without a complete, fulfilling, and all it’s own. Gretton has plenty of practice under his belt, his debut “Tread Water” marks the first of many to come.

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