Stickybuds Releases Well-Curated Remix Album Of “Take A Stand”

Posted by on March 1, 2019

Stickybuds has become a cult favorite within the dance music community, in particular his live performance fanbase is rabid and widespread, a look at his SoundCloud – his most popular streaming channel – showing nearly 1 million plays across multiple Shambhala Festival mixes. That’s dedication. On the production side, Stickybuds is far from underwhelming. His 9-track album “Take A Stand” features dub, glitch-hop, funk, and experimental and collaberations with Burro Banton, Richard Kim, Rubi Dan, Prince Alla, and many others.

For the remix album there was no holding back, a total of 16 artist hand-picked and lined up on this beauty. Hydraulix, Chris Munky, Ed Solo, Ahee, Kotek and many more all bring different colors and flair to the Stickybuds sounds, delivering a unique collection of tunes to be enjoyed time and time again.

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