WUSA Recruits AYOSHA To Infuse Unique Style Within “Ghost”

Posted by on February 1, 2019

While the original production of “Ghost” paid homage to the 80s with fresh flavor, Ayosha gives the hit the remix treatment. Maintaining the eerie nature of the vocals, the artist builds around it with laid-back yet uplifting elements, creating an entirely new sound. The use of evocative melodies and a funky bassline breathe new life into the release, ensuring that fans of the original will appreciate this fresh take.

Hailing from Germany, the up-and-coming artist known as Ayosha is generating solid amounts of momentum. Though his career is in its infancy, the artist has amassed millions of streams with a small number of releases. Considering that fact, it’s undeniable that his signature sound is one that is in high demand. Ayosha, through gaining a sizeable following in a short time, is surely an artist on the rise.

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