The Lost Boys hit us with ‘Good Night’

Posted by on August 10, 2018

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Andy Mueller and Brett Beaudette who make up the Lost Boys, collaborate with Brendan Bennett for ‘Good Night,’ a fun future pop ditty to enjoy for the remainder of the Summer. Stream their latest above, and read below how the track came together, up until release. This one is a must listen!

We got connected with Brendan a few months back through a mutual friend. When we listened to Brendan’s music on Spotify, we heard Sammy Adam college party type vibes from him. We immediately started having ideas on this track and sent him a demo the next day. He loved it. He sent us vocals back two days later and it was an absolute smash. We continued to work on this for the next few months until we came to version 29 of the track, which ended up being the final master. We spent hours doing car sessions on the way to meetings and sessions in Los Angeles, and had a few all-nighters at each other’s respective homes as well to get the track to where it is now. Everything was pulled together pretty quickly by everyone on the team, so we are very pleased with where this ended up. We didn’t plan originally on this song coming out this summer, but we really wanted to have something out this summer other than just a remix so we cancelled every other release on the schedule out and focused in on getting ‘Good Night’ finished. This was a super fun track to make because it perfectly intertwines our pop/EDM vibe and Brendan’s hip-hop vibe.