Trademark’s new Mashup pack is amazing

Posted by on March 1, 2017

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The ingenious Trademark takes us back to the days pucca shells, dancefloor grinding, and flip phones with his newest mashup bundle. Trademark successfully creates a new sound from the fusion of 90’s and early 2000’s vocals with diverse electronic instrumentals. Whether it’s deep house by Loud Luxury and KREAM, the trap stylings of DJ Mustard and Yellow Claw, or a future bass instrumental by Culture Code, this mashup pack touches on all of the budding genres of electronic dance music. This unique composition of genres allows for a mixture of chill study music and club bangers. Mixed on top on these perfectly curated songs are mainstream hits from the past. With appearances from Fergie, 50 Cent, T-Pain, Kanye West, and many others, Trademark makes listeners want to sing like it’s the past, but party like it’s the present.