“The Ritual” Expands On Submersive’s Tribal Trance Style

Posted by on February 21, 2017

Trance, the cornerstone of electronic dance music is alive and well with the release of “The Ritual” from Clayton Lineberger, or better known as Submersive. The Los Angeles, California based trance DJ/Producer lives and breaths this music as he has said “The goal of my music is to give people a transcendent experience in a musical environment.” He states that trance is the fundamental of bringing people together through rhythm and soul. This track is nothing short of an extension of this statement. The appropriately named “The Ritual” features crisp production and catch synth lines that create the ultimate experience given the genre.

Submersive knew that music would be his career and immediately after performing his first show at the young age of thirteen he decided to continue this profession. This career moved him to Los Angeles, where many artists big and small go to get their music heard. “The Ritual” has all of the elements of a strong record, incorporating the use of clean production, selective samples, driving melodies and a hard gritty bass line, this track is the epitome of what Submersive stands for.