Ryden’s “Murderer” Trailer Amplifies Message Of The Music

Posted by on February 20, 2017

Music has a way of conveying stories and feelings that we normally can’t fully tell to people so that they can comprehend. Emotional attachment not only happens in music, but in life, and with Ryden’s upcoming single “Murderer” she gives her perspective on self-realization, the ending of a relationship, and the elated feeling of moving on. Ryden is from Los Angeles, California and finds herself playing several roles such as; a singer-songwriter, producer, and CEO of DopeMafia which is a clothing company geared towards urban fashion. As she has previously stated, her goal is to make everyone who listens to her music feel empowered and as if they were their own hero in their everyday life, and after watching the trailer for her upcoming single “Murderer” you can’t help but understand what her perspective and message is.

The track boasts a series of eerie orchestral melodies paired with modern day synth chords and bumping 808 bass to paint the perfect picture of what she’s trying to convey. She tells the ultimate anti-love story with a twist and in a way so moving it will stay with the listener long after the track is finished.