[RECAP] Mysteryland 2016 Highlights

Posted by on June 23, 2016


The post-festival blues are the worst, and Mysteryland’s 2016 US edition left me dreading the harsh return to reality after a weekend filled with pure bliss and good vibes. Camping, music, dancing, art, nature, new people, old friends- what more could one ask for in a weekend getaway? Click on the jump for a recap of our 6 favorite moments!


bassOne of the greatest things about Mysteryland this year was all of the obvious effort put into the main stage, it’s like you never had to leave! They had every niche covered featuring performances from techno maven Gessaffelstein, an acoustic set from Odesza, a high energy party from Skrillex, and last but not least, a face-melting bass heavy set by none other than Bassnectar. Fans were able to catch a sneak peak of nearly half the  tracks from “Untitled,” an album he released four short days after the festival including: “Reaching Out,” “Music Is The Drug,” “TKO,” and “Unlimited Combinations” to name a few.

2.) GRIZ


If you didn’t catch Griz’s surprise set at the BangOn!NYC stage, you missed out without a doubt the funkiest set of the weekend! Luckily, a few hours later he rocked the main stage for a hundreds of people with a banger filled set, but nothing beats the level of intimacy that the BangOn! stage allowed us to experience! I’m a sucker for live instrumentation in sets, and GRIZ’s saxophone incorporationhit the Sunday spot!



Nothing will beat catching an aerial view of the main stage madness that Odesza brought from the infamous Mysteryland swings!


After the initial festival jitters subsided and day 2 was well on it’s way, a chill sesh was much needed. Laying in the open grass in front of the Boat Stage was energizing, and Emancipator played some super laid back funky jams incorporating live violin. They played one specific track that stands out in my memory, a violin interpretation of Snoop Dogg & Dr. Dre’s “The Next Episode”. Next, came Gramatik, who definitely did not dissappoint. He played my favorite Grizmatik, “Digital Liberation Is Mad Freedom,” which I thought was a hint towards a surprise Grizmatik set! Super bummed that one didn’t happen.


I feel sorry for you if you didn’t come across this hidden gem in the festival grounds! A tiny little “car wash” leading the a mini stage throwing down some dirty trap beats. Definitely a nice way to cool off and escape the sun.


The perfect temporary escape from all the madness that is Mysteryland! Filled with tons of facts and legendary imagery, the best part of this cool hidden gem was in the last exhibit, a live documentation of the original Woodstock, as well as comfy bean bag chairs to watch it on, with blasting air conditioning! The documentary showed side-by-side images of Woodstock vs. Mysteryland, and it was magical to feel like you were part of the history taking part in the amazing Bethel Woods.


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