Good Music Is World Music, Hear Tariq Pijning’s Remix Of VanVelzen’s “Call It Luck”

Posted by on August 4, 2015

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The Dutch are always putting me on to good music, not sure if there’s something in the water, or if it’s because of what’s legal there, that makes the people create uplifting, feel good music, but VanVelzen’s “Call It Luck” is a JAM, and Tariq Pijning’s remix is exactly what the track needed for the Summer, as he takes the track down South, for those tropical feels. Fun fact, about VanVelzen, he’s the guy who invented the turning chair on The Voice, and his track “Call It Luck” is one of those catchy tunes you’d hear in a Disney movie it’s so universal, and I mean that in the best way… The number of times I heard DJs drop the Lion King theme song this weekend, you’re never too cool for this kind of music, this is a must listen!

Spotify: VanVelzen – Call It Luck (Tariq Pijning Remix)