Timeflies take it all the way pop with their newest release “Worse Things Than Love”

Posted by on June 25, 2015

Timeflies has always towed the line of pop and rap carefully. Much of their early following can be attributed to rap renditions of famous pop songs in their “Timeflies Tuesday” series. However, with “Worse Things Than Love” they go all the way pop and don’t look back.

“Worse Things Than Love” comes right as the summer begins to heat up, and the hook is so catchy you’ll likely have it in your head until the summer cools down. To top it all off Natalie La Rose lays down a bridge that gives the song enough flare to really put it over the top.

While there may be a few begrudging fans out there, Timeflies took a step in the right direction with this one and because of that will hopefully get many more ears and eyes on them in the coming months.

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