Sizzy Rocket – Morrissey

Posted by on August 22, 2014

In are day and age where it seems like pop stars are as easily interchangeable as bed sheets, it’s a rare occurrence to find an artist with poise, talent, and originality all wrapped in to one. Sizzy Rocket is a straight shooter, her writing ability evidencing that.

TV out the window, late night like a talk show, rich cunt at The Standard.

However, despite the brash and borderline-crude lyrics, Sizzy manages to seamlessly transition from her dark rapping abilities to a bubbly-sounding rendition of The Smith’s on the chorus. Don’t let the sound fool you, as the case with “Morrissey”, as well as previous release, “GIRLS“, the lines are oozing with playful sarcasm that begs for a second listen.

Enjoy the genre-bending song, and get introduced to pop music’s next rule breaker.

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