Hard Rock Sofa On Album “Most Important Thing For Us At Moment”

Posted by on May 6, 2014

hard rock sofa

Hard Rock Sofa need little introduction. Though their rise to prominence has only been in the past 3-4 years, coinciding with the dance music boom Stateside, they have been making music since 2005. Approaching a decade of making music and it appears that they are hitting their stride (take notes kids, this does not happen overnight, unless you buy it), making tunes in a wide variety of sounds and styles.

We were supposed to sit down and chat with them the third day of E Zoo, but well I think we all know what happened. But we got the chance after “Arms Around Me” released to chat with them, so of course we did. We got to chat about their latest single “Arms Around Me” that was just released on Axtone, the impact of Sergey (the former third member of the group) leaving, their upcoming artist album and much more.

FNT: How did Sergey leaving affect your productions and your live show?

When Sergey left the HRS our music changed slightly towards more Big Room House sounding. Sergey took his strong Rock n Roll influence away from the project. He wasn’t a DJ in the 1st place; he produced music with us and was a vocalist on the live sets. He continues his work with his own rock band and we are still good friends.

FNT: Alex, your cousin is Vadim in Swanky Tunes correct? Why aren’t you guys in the same group together? Is there a family rivalry?

Hard Rock Sofa: Yes it’s correct. Swanky Tunes started their career in 1998, which is 7 earlier than us. We never wanted to be a part of them and wanted to do our own thing and there’s no such thing as a rivalry in our family. On the contrary we keep helping each other and we are grateful to them for helping us in the beginning of our career.

FNT: You guys have a background in an 80s funky sound, like some of your early work and analogue equipment. How was that applied to “Arms Around Me’?

Hard Rock Sofa: We didn’t apply any analogue equipment because nowadays the software makes the sound real good! What made this track funky sounding was our own experience.

FNT: How did you choose the KC & The Sunshine Band sample for “Arms Around Me”?

Hard Rock Sofa: A year ago our friend Skidka found this song and started working on his own track. He brought the demo to our studio; we liked it a lot and started working on it together. At that time Axwell was looking for something housey and groovy to release on Axtone so he suggested that we should do this kind of track.

FNT: Have you guys considered starting your own label like Swanky Tunes?

Hard Rock Sofa: Not now.

FNT: Any new Russian guys we should be looking out for?

Hard Rock Sofa: N.E.R.A.K & DJ M.E.G, Amersy.

FNT: What is one thing people would not expect about you guys?

Hard Rock Sofa: We’re never gonna play Heavy Metal : ).

FNT: What do you have coming up? Album on Axtone?

Hard Rock Sofa: Our album on Axtone is the most important thing for us at moment. We have a few singles from our new album that we are planning to release pretty soon but we are not sure which one is gonna be first.

Our album on Axtone is the most important thing for us at moment

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