ill-Esha – Happiness Is Lonely

Posted by on March 2, 2014


Without making too much of a political statement, I just think it’s worth taking note of female producers who can get their work recognized. Honestly, it’s quite a bit harder for women in this part of the music industry to get noticed, so when they do, it’s definitely in your best interest to check them out.

This time with a chilled-out, dubstep original, Denver native ill-Esha gives you something special to kick back to, bringing together deep bass and slow vibes in an incredible fashion. Luckily for you, the entire 11-track Open Heart Surgery album  is up for “name your price” download on Bancamp, so make sure you grab yourself a copy.

Free Download: ill-Esha – Open Heart Surgery

ill-Esha: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

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