Mikky Ekko – Kids (The Chainsmokers Remix)

Posted by on November 13, 2013

Mikky Ekko - Kids (The Chainsmokers Remix)

I met one of the members of The Chainsmokers for the first time the other day and was shocked to learn they weren’t moonlighting as professional oil wrestlers in their spare time. They do breed Golden Retrievers and Alex is single ladies, so wink wink, golden retrievers and a very eligible touring bachelor DJ? Hop on that right now (full disclosure I do not know if they breed golden retrievers). One thing I do know for certain because it is right in front of me is that they recently did a remix for Mikky Ekko’s “Kids” and it is the moving progressive house we have come to expect from them. Grab is for free from the giving producers, and maybe they will give you a puppy (probably not).

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