Run DMT – Starlight Ft. Betty Black : The Remixes

Posted by on October 17, 2013

This remix EP showcases four dimensions of an extremely powerful song. The original by RUN DMT is deep and heavy, beautifully coordinating Betty Black’s spectral vocals with big driving bass, distant guitar chords and awesome synth plucks. The Kodak To Graph remix is a chilled out and trapped up version that adds sounds reminiscent of Phonat’s style – very cool. Now to the hard hitters. The Dirt Monkey remix is loud and angry. It adds huge, harsh sounds that create an edgy, rough feel while still maintaining some of that juicy emotion from the original. Now, for the remix that, for the time being, comes out ahead as my favourite on the EP. The SPL version starts out with an ambient intro, introducing wicked saxophone sounds. The vocals are whispered into focus and the energy is built up to the mad drum and bass segment that is bursting with energy.  The vocal verse is introduced at the perfect moment in this segment, and is used to carry you through to the next drop which takes on another beat entirely. The remix is epic, really a blast to listen to, and the whole EP is a treat. Literally a treat, as in all of the four massive songs are free to download.

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