Gorilla Beats – Trap Hippy

Posted by on October 12, 2013

Over the months that I’ve been in San Francisco I had the pleasure of watching as the EP ‘Trap Hippy‘ developed via San Francisco based producer Gorilla Beats. Taking weeks of maticulously working away in the studio / behind a board, brainstorming music concepts, perfecting a mix but still finding time to kick back and enjoy it all in the process, Gorilla beats has the perfect release of 5 smooth instrumentals taking on a new kind of sound – trap hippy. With the distinct undertones of Drum & Bass trap mixed with the ambient electro sounds that have been on the rise in underground music, the final bounce is somewhere between trap and relaxed (trap hippy). I got my in on a little of the fun collabing with Gorilla Beats on one of his songs ‘Wrap’, featured on the EP . During the sesh, I felt where the music was coming from; the whole time we were just chilling and talking music, enjoying company and getting our night started with some drinks to go around – everyone had good vibes, which is what the ep ‘Trap Hippy’ should bring to you. Two of his songs are featured through his SoundCloud, but if you want the full look, check it out HERE (via BandCamp).

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