Coldplay – Clocks (Jeter’s Fe5tival Rework)

Posted by on August 1, 2013


You ever do a bit of meth, glance lustfully at the semi-nude drawing of Judge Judy you’re working on, go down to the mall and shake your head at high school kids holding hands, then return home to lie in bed for a few hours and eat cookies even though it’s like 3PM? Well that’s pretty much what my last couple of weeks has been so you can see why I haven’t posted anything (the site’s also been down for a bit but let’s just ignore that). There hasn’t been a song that I really felt compelled to post but even so, it’s been a while so I felt a little bad. So, I give you guys this. A progressive house remix of Coldplay’s “Clocks”. Jeter is the producer responsible for this remix and there is practically no information about him anywhere, except that he is a young lad from the UK. Ladies, the above photo excites you doesn’t it? That is the only picture I could find of him. He doesn’t have a logo or any artwork and judging by his perfectly done hair and seductive look, he’s very mysterious and cute. I know a Coldplay remix is somewhat lame but trust me, this one’s good. If you disagree then send Middy an email saying how much I suck. He will forward it to me and I will send you my top 10 Instagram finds of girls on vacation as an apology.

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