Marc Goone – THIS IS MY $ONG 4 RADIO

Posted by on June 16, 2013

I’m not sure what’s more comical, Marc Goone satirizing the entire music industry in a song or the listeners who actually believe that he is attempting to get this song heard on the radio. The sad truth of hip-hop music is that it can be virtually (w)rapped up inside this four minute song, minus of course the few outliers.

One of those outliers being none other than Marc Goone himself. Goone defies virtually every stereotype there is about rap music all while managing to make his music intriguing and enjoyable. Marc recently released his free album I Am Not A Lobster, OK which can be downloaded here.

Now, I advise you all to take a moment to listen to Yung Marc Goone’s “$ONG 4 RADIO” before you go out to ride around and ‘get it’.

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