Hodor From Game Of Thrones Is a DJ?

Posted by on June 11, 2013

HodorHodor. It might just be one of the best things you have heard all day. You may be heartbroken over recent events in Game Of Thrones, but this aught to brighten your day. Your favorite one-word-speaking TV show character does in fact do something else besides carry a cripple and say his own name all the time. Kristian Nairn, or Hodor, in his spare time is playing alongside the likes of Calvin Harris, Mylo and Scissor Sisters. He has played all over the world from Australia to South Africa, while holding down a residency in Belfast. He grew up playing guitar and piano, something that must have become a little difficult as a rather large person. His discography includes a remix for the Freemasons, which I cannot find on the internet, and several singles, which can be found on his myspace page (I know those still exist). He also is a gaming nerd, something common with DJs. Bonus picture of him with a cute dog. Check out his Facebook page for more info and of course cruise right on over to his Myspace page for some tunes. Hodor?


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