Carvar and Clock – Miskatonik EP

Posted by on May 14, 2013



Ever since the surfacing of their first tune, Miskatonik, Carvar and Clock have been the talk of the town. Gaining all kinds of support from all of the big names, these guys went from nothing to something in a matter of weeks. To be honest I had never seen anything like it before, but after releasing their single for free it was signed to Firepower Records soon after. With that came some of the most unique and amazing remixes of the tune as well. We have seen some showings from Joe Ford showcasing what he is capable of, but this remix brings out the meaner side in him. When I first heard the preview to this remix my jaw dropped, and still does everyone time I do. The second drop gives me goosebumps like no other. MUST DIE! has been cranking tunes out left and right like it’s nobodies business the past few months. He is an endless library of tunes and this remix just proved that he is going to be creating some of the most unique music in 2013. I haven’t heard many succesful metal/dubstep fusion remixes of any tunes, but this one is easily the best. Also on this EP is another single from the duo called SYGYZY (good luck trying to pronounce this one). I wasn’t to amazed with this track, because it reminded me too much of Miskatonik, but nevertheless it’s still a good tune.

Beatport:Carvar and Clock – Miskatonik EP

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