will.i.am owns up to the Theft of Arty & Mat Zo’s “Rebound”

Posted by on April 23, 2013


After the internet rightfully made a big fuss about will.i.scam’s theft and Chris Brown’s beat down of Mat Zo & Arty’s massive single “Rebound” without anybody’s permission, he took to the radio to comment on what he was thinking or not when he made the song. With a long history of ripping others off, deflecting these type of questions would be second nature to him, like a politician in a debate.

He went on Kiss FM to clear things up as to why he felt it was ok to take whole sections of another song and add them to his.

Arty is a dope producer so I wrote this song to Rebound this last year. I got in touch with Arty and showed it to him… but something happened and hopefully we can resolve the issue. It’s sad that it’s turned into a fiasco but hopefully it’s resolved, because I’m a fan of those guys. I contacted them last year and we’re fixing it now.

So I guess what this means is that if will.i.scam is a fan of your music, your tunes are totally free game for shameless “sampling”. If I was a producer, like Hardwell, I would conduct a stealth ninja mission and delete all of my music from his computer, back up hard drives and all USBs, and then Men in Black mind wipe him so he never knew your music existed. Then repeat again in a year. He STILL may get to your music in that time, but this seems like it would be the only way.

In terms of this situation, unless Arty & Mat Zo are willing to fight Interscope to have the song pulled from the album, which seems pretty unrealistic since it was already released and in stores all over the country and soon the world, they will just have to settle for a FATA$$ paycheck.

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  • What really bothers me…

    I don’t mind about Arty and Mat Zo’s copyright, or royalties etc. They’ll do wee out of it – and for that I’m glad. But what really bothers me is that this track has been butchered and then will be sold as a shadow of its former glory. Shazam will recognise it as his track and so will all of the brainwashed masses. They will dance to this tune saying ‘loving the tune!!’ not ever knowing they were dancing to Arty and Mat Zo, and if asked who they were, could not say because they wouldn’t know. That’s the sad part.

  • jose

    agree, well said

  • Ray

    You have to contact the rightful owner to obtain a sample?

  • J.G.

    Arty & Mat Zo DON’T have to fight Interscope, Anjunabeats do! Above & Beyond own the label and the copyright to that track ever since they signed it. They have enough money and law’s behind them. They will get a MUCH bigger pay-check from suing him as he will have to pay “X” amount for each copy sold, plus damages, plus costs. They could get an immediate injunction until the case is heard.

    If this goes ahead and is released worldwide then we know this… 1) It has been a marketing ploy and 2) An blatant attempt by Mat Zo and Arty to avoid serious flack from all their fans for selling out. Most people sell out when they get old, have kids and are thinking about the future…. Mat Zo & Arty are kids (no offence), so no excuse!

    We shall wait and see and if the latter is true, well, RIP to two very talented artists, enjoy TOP of the POP’s and turning your back on the people that supported you to where you are today.!! I hope I’m wrong they’re wicked producers but I’m a bit unsure ever since Mat Zo’s facebook post when it all kicked off, the lack of legal proceedings to date and the complete silence from Anjunabeats.

  • Anne Noise

    This is a very sad, very real cost of plagiarism – the devaluation of critical thought and creative product! I hope Arty and Mat Zo are properly compensated, though I wish Mr. Period Am would learn a lesson from all this shit.

  • What really bothers me…

    Yeah, I hope so too, at least EDM gets something in return – and no he won’t learn sadly, he’s nicked hundreds of tracks before without asking, and he’s become an international success and a well-loved celebrity by leeching on the creativity of others. He has a crack team of lawyers and billions of dollars to throw at small-time creatives to shut them up. I know I wouldn’t stop if it worked every time.

  • swerve

    only if you’re going to profit from it.

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