Accent — Everybody’s Crazy (feat. Kinetics) [Music Video Premiere]

Posted by on February 28, 2013

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that I love introspective hip-hop—and man does this new Accent track take the cake. Amidst a genre primarily concerned with braggadocio and glorified false personas, Accent utilizes his singing skills to evoke this powerful jam about “accepting the imperfections that define us, and being proud of them.” The Kid Vision-produced single from his Sight & Sound EP features a verse from frequent collaborator Kinetics—whose internal rhyme-schemes become more impressive by the song—and impressive visuals courtesy of Hickory that highlight the song’s meaning and personal nature, which Accent eloquently described for us:

“The song recognizes that every human has their own unique qualities, yet it acknowledges that those differences between us are what make all of us the same; everyone struggles with their own experiences and identities. The sources of my own pain are very literally expressed here and every word is carefully recited making for a clear projection of the message. I reference my own issues regarding bi-raciality, growing up without a father and being almost obsessed with what I loved about my childhood but I also touch on my capacity for love and the purpose I have for existing. While “Everybody’s Crazy” comes from a sad place in my heart it encourages people to transform the negativity in their histories into a beautiful representation of the strength they have developed from it.”



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