Vincent Sparrow – Above All Else

Posted by on December 14, 2012

Okay house music, I get it. Like, seriously, I get it. Can I get something a little exciting? Something with a little bit of a build up that isn’t just beep boop beep boop? Oh, what’s that? Vincent Sparrow? Who? What? Oh my god, my feet are moving. Why am I drunk? Who are you? Let’s make out. FACEBOOK FRIENDS! Where are we going? What’s this underground club? Who’s playing? Vincent Sparrow? Who? Get me a whiskey, I’m going to go dance. Ew, stop grinding on me. Let us get into this cab! Let’s climb the Hollywood sign! Fuck off police! Wait this is seriously high up. Lets play that song again. HA HA HA I’m having the best night ever!

Be careful what you wish for. Be thankful that you wished for Vincent Sparrow. Go be irresponsible.

Free Download: Vincent Sparrow- Above All Else

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