KAM Royal & Rob Lo — Deep Down

Posted by on November 26, 2012

One of the largely overlooked qualities of a musician that can be so instrumental in building a following is personality. Many aspiring artists have talent, but don’t demand the listener’s attention—something that is done through one’s delivery (use of tone, intonation, volume, etc). If you gave ten different rappers the same line, you’d hope each would bring something unique to their presentation of it—and those choices are what generally determines who gains popularity, and who remains stagnant. That’s a verbose way of saying KAM Royal has a lot of personality (Note: I am intentionally avoiding use of the word “swagger,” which has come to be too much of an umbrella term, and thus not represent anything at all). KAM has a way of using his voice to make you think you should care about what he’s saying, and then you start listening, and realize that you do care. Among other things, he is preparing to release his newest project, The Conversation EP, a collaboration with rapper Rob Lo, whom you can hear on the second verse holding his own with a nice flow. Check the track below, connect with them, and get ready for the highly-anticipated full release.

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