Rank 1 – 7 Instead Of 8

Posted by on November 1, 2012

We are getting trancey on this Thursday, first with the Andrew Rayel release and now this Rank 1 track. Rank 1 is much like Dash Berlin & Benny Benassi where there is one producer (Benno De Goeij, two in the case of Dash Berlin) who is making the tracks behind the scenes and one DJ (Piet Bervoets) who is the face of the group, though these lines can be blurred with Benno De Goeij appearing behind the decks for some shows and Piet Bervoets having his hands in productions. Benno De Goeij has been responsible for countless other collabs and co-productions with Armin, Jochen Miller etc. They rarely make singles on their own and since they set the bar so high with one of the biggest trance tracks ever in “Airwave”, having one from them is special. “7 Instead of 8” does not disappoint so get on this right away.

Beatport: Rank 1 – 7 Instead Of 8