Electric Adventure: Dance Music Soars at Six Flags

Posted by on October 13, 2012

With the sounds of “Bizarro”, the new and improved Medusa from my childhood rumbling in the background, Arty’s blissful melodies poured out of the speakers, carrying the crowd to another dimension. I could only stand there in disbelief at what I was witnessing. Six Flags, a mecca of my childhood, a place where I had gone on countless field trips, was now hosting one of my favorite producers, Arty.

The idea was first championed earlier this year in May at Six Flags in Mexico where Dash Berlin was brought in to bring together two activities that rely on the peak time exhilarating moment and take you on unforgettable journeys. It was a logical match. The New Jersey version uped the ante, bringing in not just Russian phenom, but also young rising sensation Danny Avila, Lazy Rich, Dada Life, Excision and others.

The day (and night) was not just for the various DJs playing their sets. And though you would be remiss not to catch part of Danny Avila’s set as he makes his rise to prominence or Lazy Rich’s incredibly complex productions and hard hitting electro or Arty’s uplifting melodies, one must always remember that you are at an amusement park and you are there to take in the full experience.

Dada Life headlined the night from 7-9 starting and finishing with “Kick Out The Epic MotherF*cker” and spinning through a few songs like “So Young, So High” and “Boing Clash Boom” from their upcoming album “The Rules Of Dada” set to release Monday. It was as energetic and exhilarating as you would expect, with the sun setting during their set, letting the full display finally being used. Also they were given the ability to turn up the volume, which was a bit low during the other sets. I have seen Dada Life four times since March and every time has been a blast, however I wish they would take a few more risks in their mixing. I know they have to sync up the visuals with their songs and they have to keep up the stage theatrics, but doing something unexpected or surprising would be a welcome change from them.

Overall the event was a truly a roller coaster, for lack of a better term, of a journey. The contrast between the families with very young kids and the kids walking around in typical raver outfits was rather comical. The looks some of the kids got were priceless. A few suggestions for next year would be to get a raised sound system and get a few more LED panels, though generally it went off without a hitch. The overall feeling is that this must happen again and after an incredible successful first year, dance music and roller coasters is a match that will continue to grow stronger in the future.