Pierce Fulton – Chapter 4: Life On The Road

Posted by on August 23, 2012

Chapter 4 of Pierce Fulton’s video series takes on tour and how he dealing with the constant touring this summer since he does not have to deal with classes. The video features a string of 6 shows in 9 days in late June early July of a string of 6 shows in 9 days, which is not that much for some guys in the industry, but for someone who has just started heavily touring, that is a rough schedule. The video features an upcoming single on Cr2 Records “Mr Mime”, set to release in a few months (like between 2-3), more info to come when it can be released. His remix of Steve Aoki’s “Come With Me” on Ultra Records will be out in the fall as well, more info to come in a few weeks. Make sure if haven’t already, check out the video of his studio and get the private bootleg he released as a treat to the fans since they were enjoying it so much during his sets. Also Get Weird tomorrow at 4pm on Sirius XM.

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