Adventure Club – Retro City

Posted by on August 1, 2012

I feel like Adventure Club epitomizes the happy medium between the underground and the accessible. Their tracks are pretty much crowd pleasers — put them on during a party and they’ll somehow manage to satisfy both the casual Avicii fans and the kids who went to see Excision instead of Eric Prydz at Identity Festival. Their latest release, “Retro City,” is in keeping with this — choppy synths, agile riffs, and a smooth drop that is restrained but has just enough edge. And then there’s the sudden tempo change midway through, which brings in some unexpected (but definitely welcome) moombah-ish funk. On the whole, this reminds me a lot of one of their earlier tracks, Do I See Color. While it’s certainly not the most exciting thing that the Montreal duo has put out, it’s definitely palatable and nicely put together.

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