Mac Miller – Thugz Mansion (Tupac Cover)

Posted by on June 3, 2012

I’m not sure how I feel about this. Malcolm McCormick taking on one of the greatest hip-hop songs of all times. Blasphemy, right? It’s an incredibly tricky thing taking on songs by dead artists, and I’m not sure that this was done correctly. I believe Mac overstepped his bounds by trying to cover a song from the greatest of all time. It was clearly done out of respect, but how respectful was it? Let’s talk, find us on twitter, in the chatbox, on facebook, or in the comments section.

Mac Miller – Thugz Mansion(2Pac Cover):

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  • Bblairshultz

    he took all the pain out of the song. disrespectful.

  • estew92

    great cover, he had good intentions and put his own spin on it. good job for mac cant wait for under the influence tour. I am not saying that this was as good as the original though.

  • likeadoelow

    he butchered it.

  • Solid point. I respect him for trying. But don’t think he should’ve touched Tupac.

  • Glad he recorded this! He played this live in LA during the Blue Slide Park Tour. People cover songs all the time so there is nothing wrong with this at all. I respect it

  • Really Mac?

    Are you f*cking kidding me? This is horribly done – if you’re going to attempt a cover like that, make sure you at least make the audience believe you mean it.

  • I think it sounds great. Mac isn’t trying to ruin what Pac made or represented. He is just doing what he loves and thats making some awesome laid back beats.

  • alex

    he took all the emotion out of it. once again this retard has proved that he is a joke and disgrace to hip hop. if you enjoy this cover, you are a fucking douchebag

  • conner

    once again proving my point that mac miller is one of the worst “hip hop” artists out there. this is a shame. a slap in the face to who some might say is the greatest rapper.

  • jason

    wow, as far as how it sounds, it’s decent, but the fact of what this song stands for and what pain and tragedy lies beneath the lyrics, you could not have done a worse cover. so glad mac was taken off the rock the bells lineup in SB.

  • spankytank

    this fool is beyond a joke. why does fnt continue posting his garbage…