Paul van Dyk – Evolution + Giveaway

Posted by on April 3, 2012

Paul van Dyk has finally released his 6th artist album “Evolution” and it does not disappoint. The wait has been excruciating for his fans after years of working on this album and countless release date delays (I went to an “Evolution World Tour” show in July last year). This album has something for everyone, from the long time trance heads, to even those who ignore everything that has to do with trance. The album crosses genre flawlessly from one song to the next with progressive anthems, some heavier tracks and of course plenty of that signature trance style from Paul van Dyk that made him the number one Dj in the world. Check out the album below and hit read on for a more in depth look at the album and the signed album & poster giveaway winner announcement (You have another 36 hours to claim your prize).

The album starts off the smooth piano track “Symmetries” that transports you to a happier place with occasional crowd cheers, quick punching synth chords and piano melody that will certainly make you think of the last show or festival you attended. The album continues with singles such as the trancy “The Ocean“, the more pop track “Eternity” that could garner some success, but seems to lack a real punch to it, and the huge progressive track “Verano“. The album continues with a mix of more modern tracks with progressive influences and his hard trance tracks. You will not see the same stuff here as you saw back in the mid-90s, things have changed too much for that to happen, but do not despair trance purists, he sticks to his craft and gives you plenty of quality material. The track that has really stood listening to this album the past few days (they are all good, do not pass up on any song) has been “The Sun After Heartbreak”. It is Paul van Dyk’s second collaboration on the album with Arty and this time with prominent female vocals from Sue McLaren. It is a smooth trance, Drum N’ Bass track, yes you did just read that correctly, and it works so well with quick percussive elements, heavenly strings and seductive vocals from Sue McLaren. This album shows the maturation of Paul van Dyk that even in todays wildy changing EDM landscape, he is not getting left behind and adapts flawlessly to it, while still remaining true to himself, something that seems to be rarer and rarer to come across these days. Check out this ridiculous interview he did with himself for Rollingstone.

About the giveaway. Congratulations Brian Heist on winning the signed album and poster. To claim your prize, either do what it says in the email or hit me up on twitter @middyfnt for further details.

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