Ryan Leslie ft. Fabolous- Beautiful Lie (Remix)

Posted by on March 17, 2012

The big homey, Ryan Leslie, is back at it again. This time, he’s recruited Fabolous to add a verse to his first single, “Beautiful Lie” off his forthcoming “Les Is More” album dropping this summer. Uncharacteristically, Ryan recently opted to shed his previous Harvard pedigree for a more impetuous one, throwing caution to the wind with his new persona despite speaking to disadvantaged chillens’ in Harlem above.

In his newest “Swiss Francs”, which he premiered in the clip above, he raps with Ryan-Leslie-esque brovado: “My passport is stamped out, I need some pages. When I die they gon’ act out my life on movie stages. Got a hired gun motto is protect the chief, keep these haters from schemin’ on this patek philippe.” Hopefully, he won’t be needing to use his newly acquired fire power anytime soon. “Les Is More” is coming soon.

Check out the girl at 2:42. Listen, lady. Put down the camera phone and listen to what the man has to say. When Ryan Leslie comes to speak, you better damn well listen. This isn’t time to check Pinterest. This isn’t time to “hit cha girl” back. Soak in some knowledge. This is “I went to Harvard and scored a perfect score on my SAT’s” Ryan Leslie. We’ve gotta do better. Say word- knowwutimtalmabout?

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