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Posted by on February 20, 2012

Before you say anything, yes that is my beautiful face in the presence of the awesomely chill duo of Aer. I was fortunate enough to meet up for an interview with Carter and David before their show at Reggie’s Rock Club in Chicago last Saturday. It’s pretty scary to think these guys, who are a year older than me, are already an EP and two mixtapes deep and are collecting a continuously growing fan base. FNT will represent our questions and C will stand for Carter and D for David.

FNT: How has Sam Adams’ success impacted you since you guys are from the same town?

D:He’s set an example of what you can do coming from a small town and blowing up on the internet and just running with it.
C: Ya he’s a good mentor for getting advice and a good person to talk to.

FNT: How was it like to hit #1 on iTunes? What were you’re reactions?

D: It didn’t really settle in like most of our other stuff. I can’t describe it haha.
C: It was crazy to see it rise from it being like 26 then going to #1 in the same day. Pretty

FNT: Can you describe the FreshAerMovement.

C: The FAM, freshaermovement, its all about what we label our fam and fans so they feel apart of what we’re doing, because the fans make what goes down happen.
D: We want our fans to be as comfortable around us at our shows as they would be with their family. Like when we post videos of us chilling or our music videos, theres like nudity, us drunk, us high, we’re just comfortable with ourselves and we want our fans to feel the same way. Being insecure sucks, so we wanna exploit that, we wanna get rid of that.

FNT: How did you get the name Aer?

D: We were eating with our friend and we were like what do we call this?” and he was like call it “Aer” and we were like okay…
C: We had no attention so we were just like lets just post a good name and we like aer and its fresh so lets just go with that and it spiraled to that.

FNT: You guys just came out with the What You Need EP, what are your next move? Mixtape? Album?

C: Album is our next move, but before that were spending a lot of our time on visuals, expect something mid summer type thing
D: We got a new song coming out produced by our friend Matt Miggz, and the video is fun and us just goofin’ around.

FNT: Can you describe your genre? Or are you guys more of a combination?

D: We dont like to define it cause then there is a grid and we dont like grids.
C: We like being uncategorized
D: We like a lot of colorful stuff with melodies and if there isn’t melody then there’s attitude.

FNT: Who are your musical influences and what are you guys listening to now?

C: For my rap part lyrically and flow wise, definitely Curren$y, but melody more Jack Johnson. Lately i’ve been listening to a lot of Kendrick Lamar.
D: A lot of classic stuff like Jimi and the Chili Peppers like very raw band stuff. Hip hop like Sir Michael Rocks and A$AP Rocky, and I listen to Adele religiously.

I did this over audio so if you want to hear the whole thing here you go

If you don’t have any Aer in your iTunes library, here are some of their songs that you should get. Also support these guys by buying their EP, What You Need, and their mixtape, The Reach, on iTunes and liking them on Facebook and following them on Twitter

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