Silver Medallion & Feature Cuts – Drop Out, Kiss Girls

Posted by on February 11, 2012

Silver Medallion and Feature Cuts teamed up to release a filthy new Electro/Dubstep single entitled “Drop Out, Kiss Girls”. I would be hard-pressed to find any other tracks that sound like it. The track has an 80’s feel to it but with modern production, which Feature Cuts absolutely killed. There little not like on this one and I think you all will be hooked the first time you play it. This is only the first of many collaborations between the New York singer Silver Medallion and Texas producer Feature Cuts as the two have a project planned for a late spring release.

“Drop Out, Kiss Girls is the saga of America’s wasted youth, with the world crumbling around us, its only natural to take the time we have and chase love and music, the only two things which really matter.” – Silver Medallion

Download: Silver Medallion & Feature Cuts – Drop Out, Kiss Girls

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