Earl Sweatshirt – Home

Posted by on February 9, 2012

I know what you’re thinking. “AM I READING THIS RIGHT?!?!? IS THAT EARL SWEATSHIRT?!?! I THOUGHT HE WAS GONE!” Guess what he’s back…or at least I hope so and this isn’t some awful practical joke. So as I was going through my twitter, I stumbled upon a retweet by OF member Frank Ocean and “Earl”(really hate to use the quotes, but I’m just being safe ’till its confirmed) said that he’d release a new song at 50K followers. Well since he’s been hyped up by Tyler, as the best rapper ever, it took like an hour at most…feel free to follow me, but seriously this is tight. We finally have some material that isn’t from his previous mixtape, Earl. I’m still in shock about this but whatever, it’s Earl and it’s free, so not much to complain about.

Download: Earl Sweatshirt – Home

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