Riff Raff ft. Diplo- Rice Out

Posted by on December 6, 2011

This is what I’m talmbout’. Move over Lil B Tha Based God, this ain’t no middle of the mall sh*t. Just when I thought Riff Raff couldn’t dominate the rap game anymore, he goes and links up with Diplo and Mad Decent. Riff Raff been havin’ thangs. He been havin’ five star chicks. He been stayin’ with ice packs on his wrist. Lines like, “You can be my job if you stay out my bidness” undoubtedly puts Riff Raff in an a lyrical category with the likes of Nas, KRS-One, and Andre 3000. There’s no question in my mind that Riff Raff will be instrumental in bringing back the conscious rap genre. You may think he rides the short bus, but that’s part of his genius, shawty. Riff Raff is everything that’s right about the hip-hop game right now. Don’t make me bring the rice out. Haters are gonna’ hate, biglifes are gonna’ slate. SOD Money Gang. One.

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  • Skuillz

    lol this song is garbage. But your description about it is pretty hilarious. Stick to your guns, thunder buns.

  • music4music

    lmfao in the same lyrical category as Nas ? Andre 3000 ? are you fucken retarded ? i hope your description was a joke, if not keep your day job.

  • “A”

    I can’t believe you would think I was being sarcastic. Riff Raff’s lyrics are extremely deep and thought provoking. I’m ashamed for you that you can’t see that.

  • MoneyMike306

    haha i really hope this is a joke, like seriously how does this guy make money doing this? give me a mic, a grill a couple tats and i’ll do the same shit, this guy is nothing but a joke.