Drake Ft. Lil Wayne – The Real Her

Posted by on October 22, 2011

The population of Toronto is 2,753,609. Drake has 3,636,000 followers on twitter. Take Care will be the rock a lot of haters will be forced to live under, jealousy of both love and hate at the same time. Drake will make history, others will just tell his story.

update: ”Thanks…it was a leak but I’m glad you like it. Final version is different.” – Drake

Download: Drake Ft. Lil Wayne – The Real Her

And a splash from the past of some Drizzy brilliance you forgot to remember.

Download: Drake – Go

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  • d-_-b

    I’m sorry but Drake is a horrible artist. If he stays of the “purple drank” like faggot Lil’ Wayne, he might have some potential.

  • d-_-b

    Everyone has their preferences. Also, it’s you’re. Oh and don’t act tough on the internet it just makes you look like a douche.

  • Robertg713

    You my good friend need to learn how to appreciate good music when you hear cause cause Lil Wayne just makes statements and there great ill admit it but Drake actually puts emotions in hes beats and lyrics just like you said everybody has there own opinions so dont get booty hurt

  • 10/15/11

    I could agree, Lil’ Wayne does have great verses. He takes pride in what he does. But Drake reaches out to listeners and lets them know he’s real. So that makes him bad? No my friend “d-_-b” you are sadly mistaken.

  • Jamahlg

    Idiot punk as no one says douche but a puzzy!