Mike Stud – Toast To Tommy (Mixtape)

Posted by on October 3, 2011

Mike Stud, aka the rapper who single handedly branded the term Frat Rap, is not only hitting us with yet another classic video, but is dropping an entire mixtape for your ear wetting pleasure. Toast To Tommy, not only gives you a satisfying earful of Mike’s hard hitting rhymes, but also features some of your other favorite FNT artists such as Kinetics and One Love, Huey Mack, and much more. After months and month of hard work and too many videos to count on one hand, this project is truly the culmination of Mike’s hard work. With that in mind, we have provided the mixtape for free download below, but please consider clicking the iTunes button and show Mike that you are a true fan.

Download Mixtape: Mike Stud – Toast To Tommy

A Toast to Tommy - Mike Stud

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