Posted by on August 23, 2011

The wait is over, DOSVEC’s ultimate 1.5 hour long Dubstep project entitled “DIFF” has finally dropped. The intention of this 6 month long project is to change the way people listen to and view Dubstep by infusing vocals that we all recognize with filthy dubstep tracks. I know, you already want the individual downloads. Don’t worry, we’ll be dropping “Fresh Leone” amongst others in the coming weeks. If you like Dubstep mashups, definitely give this an ear its INSANE. The visuals definitely raise the bar and make this a spectacular work which stimulates both the ears and eyes. Can anyone guess what DIFF means? Answer and album artwork can be found after the jump!

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DIFF stands for different… A hard copy of the rad album art below can be won via DOSVEC’s Facebook so be sure to head over there for the details!

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