Kinetics & One Love – What Model Are You?

Posted by on August 22, 2011

Kinetics & One Love are perhaps two of the most underrated artists we post. Their music consists of clever rhymes and flawless integrations of sounds common to the electro, hip-hop, and rap genres. This duo will rarely leave you underwhelmed, as they are quite comfortable exploring the outskirts of the mainstream realm and aren’t afraid to switch up styles and sounds between their songs. Perhaps that’s what attracts me to their music. The generic sound of music these days has become monotonous, leaving me with a thirst that Kinetics & One Love easily quenches through their distinct tracks. This latest project consists of four new songs. Don’t complain, I gave you the scoop before you opened your iTunes to a few familiar tracks. To be honest, their plan here makes perfect sense. Now that their fan base has doubled a few times over, why not provide the new comers with a chance to visit some of their classics while also providing everyone with a place to download some of their best cuts in one scoop. And if you’re angry about this decision, don’t fret Kinetics & One love has you covered. They are going to drop a part two of this project in a month, which will include all brand new material. Still not satisfied? Well they filmed a video for “Day in the life” (which is on the mixtape) as well as one for “Halley’s Comet 2.0” (filmed on the Great Wall of China) – set to drop on Tuesday.

Download the full Mixtape – HERE

DOWNLOAD: Kinetics & One Love – Day in the Life (Feat. Daniel Feldman)

DOWNLOAD: Kinetics & One Love – NLS (Feat. G. Curtis)

Keep track of Kinetics and One Love by following them on: Facebook and Twitter. If you’re in NYC this month be sure to check out their performance at Webster Hall on August 31st!

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