Rusko & Rihanna?, 5 & A Dime – Rollin Joints

Posted by on August 21, 2011

I saw this live and my first instinct on the singer was Rihanna, which Rusko later confirms in the video. I guess dubstep is going further into mainstream with Britney doing her thing and now Rihanna doing a song with Rusko. This song isn’t exceptional or at least from the clip that Rusko played, which was most likely changed quite a bit so that he didn’t get in a lot trouble with the label. There is no other information about this song then what he said at the show, or maybe he said something at the Mass show, but either way it is a song to look forward to. Here is the latest 5 & A Dime single he released today. It uses the instrumentals from the best remix of the year, Alesso’s Remix of Pressure, and Moguai’s Remix of Bangduck, with the acapellas from Rolling in the Deep, In My Head, and Walking On A Dream. The instrumentals work quite well flowing over each other and the vocals top it off for a back to school banger.
Download: 5 & A Dime – Rollin Joints
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