FNT Dubstep Mixtape: Dirty Dubstep Vol. I

Posted by on August 4, 2011

Of course Soundcloud didn’t want to cooperate with me today, so the player below is short a few massive songs and by a few I mean all of my favorites (roughly 10). As such, you should probably just download the entire zip file and give it the once over. This doesn’t exactly have a theme, it just includes a few of my favorite tracks right now. I threw it on deck during our photo shoot for the new pinnies (pictured above, on sale soon) and it worked like a charm, I mean look at how the pics turned out. Enjoy… If you want to see more pics hit up our Facebook page – HERE

DOWNLOAD THE ENTIRE MIXTAPE – HERE (Note: if you didn’t read the blurb, this has about 10 more songs)

Dirty Dubstep by freshnewtracks

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