Jurassic Pike!

Posted by on July 13, 2011

Here at FNT we are all about epic parties, and the one we helped throw at Santa Clara at the end of May, was one for the books. With three DJ’s spinning all day, there wasn’t a sole who wasn’t swept up by the filthy beats. Here’s a rundown of the three DJ’s featured at this party: NiteGold, This One’s For Cody and The DARK.

The individual efforts of the NiteGOLD members, Mike Diamond, My Cousin Vinny and Allan Guevara, have proven to all they are promised future leaders in electronic dance music.

Born and raised in Newport Beach, CA, Eric “Stoop Kid” Dobson and Tyler “Red Five” van Hensbergen know what it takes to flood the dance floor. Dressed in their signature hockey jerseys, TOFC are never ones to stray away from their roots.

The Dark first entered the DJ scene a year ago rocking the underground scene in Portland Oregon. He recently moved out to Las Vegas to make a bigger name for himself. Although he likes to remain loyal to the underground music scene he can rock anything from a frat party to a rave.

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