Introducing: Vodge Diper

Posted by on July 12, 2011

I would like to introduce to you all Vodge Diper, an up and coming artist/producer currently living in South Korea, but born in England. He has a musical background with guitar and bass and that is evident in his music. His synth work is up there with the best right now and the sky is the limit for this guy. He is being supported by Gareth Emery and Spencer & Hill among many DJs. His songs vary from dubstep to dutch to a more upbeat house song that will have a minute and a half guitar solo that blows your mind away. He just released an EP on Beatport so support this man. Also check out his Facebook and his Soundcloud. Here are two downloads that he has given for free. More music and a mini-interview with the man himself after the jump.

Vodge Diper – Easy Now (Dubstep Vip)

Vodge Diper – You Gunna Dig This (Thank You)

Me: How did you get so good at the “keytar” with your solos in your songs?
Vodge Diper: Actually the truth is that that solo was entirely programmed by hand! Little phrases were played out just to see how they sounded note wise but yeah, 98% sequenced. I actually prefer it that way too! I’ve been at this a while so it usually doesn’t take me that long to get the basic solo down, it’s more the tweaking that takes forever, especially THAT solo. On the Keytar solo I did a fair bit of resampling to get all the little edits and such, I wanted it to be like a statement of intent ya know?
Me: You probably get asked this a lot but what inspired the name and what is the electronic scene in South Korea like?
Vodge Diper: The name came from a suggestion made by Chris (Cold Blank) and we emailed backwards and forwards five times before I agreed! At first I flat out said no, but now I like it. I don’t care about the names of music, a turd doesn’t smell good just because you call it a rose right? (I’m pretty sure Shakespeare said something along those lines, haha). I thought about doing this craaaazy thing where people switch the first two letters of a name around and was going to go with Ford Mustang but alas, it was already taken… Actually South Korea, especially Seoul, is really awesome for techno, tech-house, all those styles of music so I can’t complain because I love that shit too. For electro, we have Freakhouze here booking a lot of big names (Especially the Big Fish crew) which is always nice.

Francophilippe – Only After Midnight (Vodge Diper Remix) [Forthcoming on Velcro City Records] by Vodge Diper

Monolythe & Zuri – Infected (Vodge Diper Remix) [Forthcoming on Big Alliance Records] by Vodge Diper

Riot! [Forthcoming on Funkk Sound Recordings] by Vodge Diper

Keytar Hero [Out Now on Burn The Fire Records] by Vodge Diper

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