Able Planet Extreme Foldable Noise Canceling Headphones

Posted by on April 27, 2011

In the months to come, we hope to expand Fresh New Tracks by offering additional content to our users. One idea we’ve come up with is to start offering product reviews. Several companies have contacted us in the past few months so we decided to kick things off by evaluating Able Planets headphones. We are prepared to take on anything from MPC’s to speakers to apparel…this is the first post for our future venture, Fresh New Swag.

Site: Able Planet
Price: – 149$
Developer: – Able Planet

Pictures: Pictures

If you’re looking to separate yourselves from the Beats by Dre crowd, Able Planet offers a sleek economical alternative that’ll definitely catch many eyes and ears. In true trendy fashion, these ear-pleasers feature a plaid design which comes in various colors. You’ll either love, or hate the look. Personally, I’d go for the classic looking black ones pictured above.

These headphones sport a comfortably sized adjustable band that’ll accommodate even the largest of noggins. And don’t worry, they haven’t left your ears out to dry; the cushioned cups are sized in a way that prevents awkward sores. Therefore, these won’t bug you during those dreaded all nighters in the library (sidenote: my Beats bother me in these situations).

These headphones have a bulkier build than most noise canceling products but, on the upside, it seems like the engineers who designed these emphasized the importance of compactness. They fold into a small sturdy ball that fits perfectly into the carrying bag provided. The ability to safely store and travel with the Able Planets was undoubtedly an important design characteristic to the developers. A picture can be seen here .

Noise Canceling:
These headphones approach the task of cancelling noise in a somewhat unconventional fashion; in this case some might argue that less is more. Instead of blocking out every external sound, the Able Planet’s focuses on muting out the white and background noises. Originally, I questioned this decision, but much to my surprise, these still get the job done, perhaps in an even more efficient manner. By not droning out all noises, the user is still able to carry on direct conversations (“direct” as in the voice is aimed at the wearer). Of course, if you are looking for speakers that allow you to zone out in your own world, these headphones aren’t for you. If, on the other hand, you’re sick of being scared by people who have to get your attention through physical means, give these a shot. One major downside to these is that they’re battery powered. Since the on/off switch is located on the actual headphones, I’d imagine it would be easy to accidentally drain the batteries overnight.

Sound Quality:
Bassheads, these headphones may not be for you…or you’ll have to click the bass enhancer on iTunes. Clearly, providing the listener with deep thumps and womps is not AblePlanet’s primary objective. With that said, the designers make up for this potential flaw with its crispy clean sound quality. Additionally, the headphones feature an impressive balance between treble and bass so the highs and lows most likely won’t be giving you ear sores. Although Able Planet could have delivered more bass, the overall sound quality is great for the price point.

In Closing:
For 149$, these headphones rival most products in and outside of its price-range. In a nutshell, if you’re searching for a pair of sturdy, compact, unique looking headphones that deliver high quality sound, check Able Planet headphones are definitely worth a look.

The Fresh New Swag team says Able Planet Extreme Active Noise Canceling Headphones are a: YES.

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