Fenech-Soler – Demons (Sigma Remix) | Dubstep

Posted by on March 25, 2011

Here’s proof that dubstep has been around a lot longer than most of us think. The recent heavy “brostep” fad came in just as quick as its going to die but solid projects will always exist. After being too proud to wear a rash guard today on my legendary trip with Giraffe surf, I’ve been forced to watch surf videos all day. This 2009 release which I found on some of the visuals I drooled over absolutely kills it with the catchy vocals and light whomps (perhaps it falls just short of a dubstep track). In case you haven’t already figured it out I’m a huge fan of soft-care dubstep and pretty much loathe the super heavy (answer to metal) material – I let emo Jewcebox handle that. If you’re looking for some tracks that wont make your ears bleed tune in below. Note: I dig the Demon track too much to not have it as the featured song, the 2009 release is just below it.

FEATURED TRACK: Fenech-Soler – Demons (Sigma Remix) — DOPE


DOWNLOAD: Little Jinder – Youth Blood (12th Planet & Flinch)

DOWNLOAD: Vexare – You Wouldn’t Know Me — ill

DOWNLOAD: Brand New – Daisy (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix)

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  • 12345678

    Vexare is only 14 years old and is dope as shit

  • Tosh

    all this dubstep is great but i don’t see what’s wrong with the other side of the spectrum either. either way, at least people can’t put dubstep in a linear box like they tend to do.

  • I can not wait for the “brostep” fad to die. Honestly you cant even call some of the that crap music. Its almost like some high school kid asked, lets see how hard we can make a beat drop, and completely ignored everything else that make a good song a good song. FNT is filled with too much dubstep these days. Glad to see you agree