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Posted by on March 19, 2011

I’m sure you’ve seen this video…the EDC 2010 trailer that catapulted Felguk from a no-name to the mainstream front with their hit song “2nite” being played at venues across the globe. Felguk recently dropped a rework creating yet another electro banger and Chuckie made the bold decision of remixing this Michael Jackson track…it’s a heater to say the least.

DOWNLOAD: Michael Jackson – Hollywood Tonight (Sidney Samson Remix)*MUST DL

DOWNLOAD: Felguk – Buzz Me (Rework 2011)

The song comes in the video after about a minute…
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  • maarty

    so whats the song from the youtube video? it starts kinda trancy but then becomes “2nite” later in the song. i wanna download the song from the video

  • Noeyy

    its Dj Chuckie remix for Hollywood tonight apparently

  • maarty

    nah, its def not the dj chuckie remix. anyone know what it is and where i can get it?

  • colby

    @maarty the first song in the video is Anhken Green Line – (Ronski Speed Remix) . second one is felguk.

    and yeah, the hollywood tonight track is either tagged wrong or it’s not Sydney sampson

  • Noeyy

    well idk, i tried searching it on you tube, “Hollywood tonight(sidney samson remix)” and it didnt come up but for Dj chuckie it did.

  • jewcebox

    its definitely chuckie

  • Noeyy

    welcome FNT haha