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Posted by on January 20, 2011

Today I learned something new; maybe three out of hundreds of thousands of people actually read what write in my posts. Like I could probably go on about how Jewcebox crushes guys every weekend and never get called out for it. People would just assume my blurb was about the incredible music I post and download away. It’s ridiculous I feel like a used and abused scribe. I’ve been talking about this EP for months and yet I still received at least twenty notifications today that it dropped and that I needed to post it asap. No shit, I’ve been watching the counter on the Collie Buddz homepage for a month now. Well I’ve finally listened to it from head to toe and can officially rank the tracks (subject to change later). So without further adieu, I present you with my favorite EP of 2011. All the tracks are below but if you want to download the zip file go to the Collie Buddz Official Website.

1. DOWNLOAD: Collie Buddz – Come Down (Prod. by Green Lion)

2. DOWNLOAD: Collie Buddz – Playback (Prod. by Baby Dee Beats)

3. DOWNLOAD: Collie Buddz – Holiday (Prod. by Homegrown Kush)

4. DOWNLOAD: Collie Buddz – Hope ft. Demarco (Prod. Star Kutt)

5. DOWNLOAD: Collie Buddz – Alchy Ride ft. DJ Smokey (Bumpy Ride Remix)

6. DOWNLOAD: Collie Buddz – Serious (Prod. by Seani B)

7. DOWNLOAD: Collie Buddz – World A Girls (Prod. by Supa Dups)

8. DOWNLOAD: Collie Buddz – Brush Me (Prod. by TJ Records)

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