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As many of you know, Together As One was held over this NYE in Los Angeles, California. After feeling like a little kid before Christmas for the two weeks leading up to Friday, I was beyond ecstatic the day I woke up to my phone saying December 31st. Despite the hour long line to enter the “dance festival,” due to the likes of Rusko and Afrojack, TAO turned out to be the best night of my life…to read my entire review of the festival, click the “More” button at the bottom. (Shout out to my rp Ross, Nagy, Hilary & Adam)

On Another Note…
Just wanted to touch on a quick note of where music is headed in the great year of 2011. Whether you like it or not, electro, house, trance, dubstep, and even techno is taking over the United States faster than silly bands took over kindergarteners all over the nation. Edward Maya’s, “Stereo Love,” which dropped in 2009, was a banger all over Europe for the last 2 years (welcome to 2011 people), and just now finally made its way to the United States. Two years ago a track like that would never have been put on the radio. Hip-Hop is getting penetrated by Electro whether you like it or not. Chris Brown’s latest track, “Look At Me Now” was produced by two of the biggest names in electro house, Afrojack and Diplo. Look at all the songs that are currently on the radio, most of the beats are being heavily influenced by electro…Rihanna – Only Girl, Enrique Iglesias – Tonight, The Far East Movement – Like A G6…the list goes on. As much as this is killing half of you to read while you refuse to accept it, it’s inevitable. As Rusko said, dubstep is becoming the new punk rock in the United States. This music is all taking the United States by storm. For those of you who fear this change and even for those of you who already know the deal, there is honestly no better place for you to ease into this transition than with Fresh New Tracks. Let the gods, also known as Jewcebox, Gmoney, and Biglife bring you the music you need to appreciate; the greatest genre of music out. We want to wish you all a Happy New Year and thank you for all your continued support and love.

Top songs performed at TAO
DOWNLOAD: Nero – Me & You

DOWNLOAD: Wolfgang Gartner – 5th Symphony Remix

DOWNLOAD: Imogen Heap – Watcha Say (Afrojack Remix)

DOWNLOAD: Imogen Heap – Hide & Seek (Rusko Remix)

DOWNLOAD: Kaskade – Dynasty (Dada Life Remix)

Afrojack: The man played literally every track you could of asked him to play, there is NEVER a better set than that. He killed the “Watcha Say” remix with a version I’ve never heard, remixing it live making your heart race and veins pump faster than “The Situations” fist on an average friday night. “Take Over Control” and “Replica” were also amazing; Afrojack puts on such a intense exhilirating show he literally leaves you turning to your right and saying, “Ohhhh my god” after every drop. After watching Afrojack spin for an hour, I could of told you I had just run the mile and after feeling my heart, you wouldn’t of doubted me for a second.

Dada Life: Unfortunately I was in an awful location for most of their set…if you ever go to a music festival never stand somewhere you can barely see the DJ, and never stand towards the side where people use the gap in front of you to either come into the tent or leave. Beyond that, Dada Life killed it, they DJ with so much energy and were constantly moving around between their tables. When “Unleash The F*cking Dada” came on they and a 20 foot inflatable banana and champagne bottle pop up in the crowd which was just a great touch to a great performance. They also tore it up with “Cookies With A Smile”, there wasn’t a single person not singing along and jumping up and down once that first drop of the song occurred.

Nero: When it comes to dubstep its hard to keep it clean and sharp. Nero, however, is the Mr. Clean of dubstep. Most of his set was a blur of heavy whomping and bass, but the most epic part of my night was when they dropped played one of their greatest songs, “Me & You”. This song is epic enough not live and bumping through your car speakers, but picture this. At least 5,000 people under one tent all there for the same reason, pink and blue lights everywhere, everyone doing a clap off as this song builds, and then after about the first 30 seconds, the first drop hits…unreal.

Rusko: The man changed my life. Rusko also played pretty much every song you could ever ask to hear, including Hold on, Pro Nails, Woo Boost, and even previewed his newest single called “Sunlight” watch it HERE. The bass and drops that he provides takes over your body in a way you could never imagine. You literally feel like the music is pumping through your body and each little break he takes from the whomping just gets you that more excited for his next drop. He combined a lot of female vocals over his tracks which just made the bass drops that much more epic. Rusko, you are a god if you ever read this.

Pendulum: Unfortunately I don’t remember much of Pendulum, but what I do remember is them dropping “The Island Part 1”. Throughout high school my favorite genre of music was without a doubt hip hop. I was the little white kid in the back rapping along to all of the tracks louder than everyone else there. When Pendulum came on and started playing this song it was too sick to turn around and witness a sea of people all singing (almost as loud as me) and clapping along to this epic track.

In Conclusion: I’ve been to EDC, I’ve been to Hard Halloween, I’ve been to Hard Summer, I’ve been to Monster Massive, I’ve seen Benny Bennassi, Armin Van Buren, Deadmau5, Kaskade, Justice, Wolfgang Gartner, The Bloody Beetroots, and several other artists known for putting on the best show of your life, but I am telling you now, if there is one artist you have to see live…its Rusko. TAO topped any other dance festival I’ve been to, if you were there you know exactly what I’m talking about.

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